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ROSWELL - The UFO Cover Up

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Bear witness for yourself, that FACEND Exhibits 3,1,2,5, & 4 are of paranormal entity, akin to the supposed UFO debris found near Roswell, simulated above.

This introduction of the chronologically numbered FACEND Exhibits, will begin with the more observable evidence there is, which happens to be derived from the 3rd exhibit. All the FACEND Exhibits present material that is presumed to be natural occurring, but in this case, will be shown to have "ear marks" of their intelligent design, by extraterrestrials.

Some of the physical evidence of a UFO / extraterrestrial presence, being offered at this website, was uncovered by a search to find planned shapes - extraterrestrial sculpted forms - on a world map. The first found such paranormal formation that appears on the world map, is the sculpted skull shape, as the continent of Africa.

A descriptive name "Horn of Africa" came into use centuries ago, as the original mariner maps of Africa had showed that continent to have a skull shape, with a horn on it.  It happens to be a human skull shape, with a horn to appear where an eyebrow would be, as can be seen on the maps of Africa, below.

Africa head    



A map of the continent of Africa, on the left above, is being compared - with a series of slides - first to show the shape of a human skull; jaw included. Then an eye appears, in the place the eye would be, on the skull there. In the next slide, something they see appears to "furrow their brow" / make them very angry (exaggerated in form). They get so mad, they bite off their own tongue, and then, cry!

The placement of an eye, and that horn as a hugely furrowed brow, and a severed tongue, and tears, all aligned to the skull shape, is forming a cohesive portrait, the coincidental appearance of which is unlikely.  Only, because a presence of a cohesive multi-faceted imagery on the map isn't anticipated, it hadn't been noticed, although in plain sight, and it was there all along.

So I ask you to look again, in that the unexpected counteracts recognition, and I tell you the importance of what this paranormal imagery is about, is the human condition.  It is a matter of its life or death.

The probability, that an image with multiple inter-related features would appear naturally, as in a complex diagram, is less, with the more parts in conjunction, as shown animated below, with the map of the United States.  It is there to picture (beyond any coincidence) an anatomically correct cross-section view of a human pelvis, (under which legs have been added on, to clarify its form) with all the sex organs of a male, and female, in one as a "united states" of both.


The appearance of that, in turn, begins to establish, below, the depiction of the lower torso of two standing bodies, as the two hemispheres. Comprehensive indicators will be shown at some later time, to fully identify the two standing bodies as a mother, M, to the left, and the smaller on the right, as her son, S.

The spinal link, SL, between them, above, would seem strained and pulled out, as below, they take their form facing each other, CL.  

Picture the son's body to have been pulled in opposite directions, into the shape of a capital letter "T", and its upper torso is gone. The waist that is left, has lost its main connection - the subconscious spinal link-up, SL - with the mother, in an attempt to face her / make her the primary conscious link, CL, as well.

The head of the mother body is noted to be there as Spain, and its face, in Portugal, as seen aside here with a blow-up. >  

Below, the imagery of a facing son and mother, as the hemispheres on a world map, is suggested in the shape of the letter "P", in the English alphabet. Letters and words of this language will be shown to have a paranormal presence, that refers to and defines that image of human interaction that is known as the MA P.

The imagery of that becomes more recognizable, below, in conjunction with a letter "B" formation, to describe the Portugal / "for 2 gal",  mother, and grandmother / A fric a - the one to come on, and the other to leave (see arrows).

There is taking place the transfer of an "L" that is on a grandson, to become attached / as to "Span", unto that grandmother in her ear, that is being used to revolve "B" into "D". 

The mother to face their own infant, is to pull off the main connection of the spine, and to stretch the son's nervous system in two, into a "T". Then with her mother, to divide what's left, in the "B".  A S'was'tik'a is evoked, in this case, as to show the p'rac'ti'ce is Hell Bound / it would underlay an apocalypse here; what would have been a world war.

BUT, there is to be a reprieve from that greater doom of those kind of people, through the knowledge that is coming with their study of these paranormal symbols of the FACEND Exhibits.  I T / "individual as T", is an infant injury and life debilitating disorder that can be avoided, through an alternative means of infant care and child rearing, that is being described by the letter symbol "A".  

Family ---  


--- Infant Couple

The top of the symbol "A" is depicting a baby boy and baby girl as a newborn infant couple, as one together, both growing out from there, to stand.  An infant "A" couple avoids the "T" disorder, because their 2 parent couple's primary contact is to the other's child, raising them in that "A" couple with their own. This is the specific manner that the letter "W" is posed, and given its name, to describe. 


 Parents & Son                            A                      Daughter & Parents

In a paranormal intervention to avoid a "T" condition, the necessity to have "A" raised in "W" is given as "word" is to underlay fact:

"Great Promise" in "W"     OR     "Hell Bound" in "D"

That is the W OR D.  The interaction "W" is redemptive - likened with the Golden Rule of Jesus - as to "do on to another's as you would have them do onto yours", and to "love thy neighbor as thyself".  In a family, having the organ "L" of an infant boy transferring at birth, as shown above on a map, that "L" to transfer in an "A" couple in "W" is addressed to be the meaning of the word "L A W", to the very letter of it.


In light of an "US of A" being broadly depicted and explained in an extraterrestrial creator state paranormal code in evidence - the "FACEND Claim" is being undertaken.  It is a legal claim, in court as "The Family "A" Couples in the Matter of the Estate of Ernest Norman Digweed deceased". That legal claim's acronym, "FACEND", also likens the "A" couples as "fastened" together, as the humanoid species being indicated as the "A" is designed to become. 

The FACEND Advocacy is to proclaim and prove the identity of the "A" - in-law parents raised infant married couples, as a world family - through a legal claim that is being made in their behalf, in the High Court of Justice in England.   The FACEND Exhibits 1 - 5 are to be submitted there, with the complete written and illustrated explanation of their meaning, in the context of their paranormal origin and purpose as evidence in "the" land mark case, of "A" in court. 

To help raise money to prepare the FACEND claim, for its judgment day debut before the High Court, there is to follow here - without further translation of what they mean - a brief introduction of the 5 FACEND Exhibits, and an offer to share them.  Starting with the ....

  .... "MAP CARTOON ALPHABET" - FACEND Exhibit 3     

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